So you've heeded our advice to spend the money you make on your craft and got the right gear. You go out and rock a party and you don't even drink that much, but your friends are all there and they're getting turnt; all of sudden someone spills a full pint of beer on your decks, laptop, or controller. That's it, the night is done, and not only that, we're pretty sure what you got paid is not even close to covering the replacement or repair of one those things. A good Mac laptop is worth a minumum of what, twogrand? Yeah.

You wanna make sure people and drinks don't linger too close to your equipment. You want to also make sure you have the right protective gear to transport your tools like flight cases for your decks or controller and some kind of case for your laptop, otherwise you might have an unfortunate surprise when you get to your gig or when you get home. Flight cases are pricey up front, but they'll save you money in the long run.