Okay, I lied. This is only five tunes from Sam Gellaitry and a remix of one of his tunes from Robax, but a quick stream through these downloadable wares and you'll see why I jumped the gun to give this producer some much needed love. He's a 17-year-old that's tucked in Scotland and doesn't seem to be managed by anyone, he's rocking a free SoundCloud account (which means these downloads are probably limited), and has seen an absolute explosion in plays since he got a very public co-sign from Soulection three days ago. The glitched out beats vibes that interlace with house and disco licks are so unique and so good that we imagine this one to pop quicker than most, and kicker here is that as good as these freebies are, the stuff on his page that isn't downloadable is really just as good.  We're following this youngster like a hawk (I guess that sounds weird but whatever) and will let you know the moment we see anything new from him pop up on on our radar.