Last week, we put you androids onto a story involving Funtcase recovering his lost laptop. He used a free app called "Prey" to aid in its recovery, to the point where it looks like it was recovered the same day he claimed it stolen. The story on Prey's website says that the process from report to recovery took something like five minutes. The interesting part? Funtcase decided not to press charges. Here is the second half of the story, via that story on

"OK there’s an insane plot twist with my stolen laptop that i literally JUST discovered.

The guy who took my laptop left a heart felt sorry letter inside of the laptop, and at the end of the letter he left his full name, telephone number and email address. So I email him explaining my reasons behind why I didn’t press charges, that I think he’s just a human that saw an opportunity and the fact he’s learned a life lesson, is good.

His reply then admits he was the guy who I sat next to on the plane from Atlanta to LA… THAT MEANS…that I DIDN’T forget my laptop in Atlanta airport, I took it on the plane with me. He physically took it out of my bag and put it in his bag on the plane while I slept. When we landed, he got up instantly and stood in the aisle claiming he was mega late for a connecting flight and left the plane super fast… and now i know why!!

WHAT A F*****G S**M F*****G!!

Anyway, such a crazy a** plot twist… Thankyou so much to the FREE APP called ‘Prey’ for getting back my most prized possession."

Crazy story; love that Funtcase kept it cool, seeing that the thief learned his lesson and ended up not making things more difficult, especially since he got his laptop back. If this isn't a ringing endorsement for Prey, nothing is.