So Justin Bieber's had a fairly interesting year, no? Between visiting brothels in Brazil, getting arrested for drag racing in Miami, and having the cops called on him by his neighbors for throwing eggs over his property line, dude's kept it lively.

And yet: Bieber's biggest blunder this year went down last night, and involved his posting of two photos to Instagram, while visiting a Japanese shrine in Tokyo called Yasukuni. The photos have since been deleted, but not before millions of Bieber's fans across Asia absolutely freaked out, which is to say nothing of the offense they took. 

But it was also a screw-up most people in North America didn't exactly understand at first, which is to say nothing of Bieber, who clearly had no idea what he had gotten himself into. Let's put it like this: The fact that the shrine even exists is offensive to those people, let alone the fact that Bieber was praying at it. For more on this story, check the video above, and don't forget to keep it locked to Complex News, where we can hopefully help you from making mistakes like taking IGs in front of a shrine dedicated to an imperialistic regime that was responsible for the suffering of millions.