Los Angeles by way of Washington, DC producer Steve Starks is quite possibly one of the baddest dudes in all of bass music. In fact, some would openly state that he's been cranking out tracks at this level for about three years now. Today, Do Androids Dance presents six beastly bangers from Starks, but if you're a DC-area resident or have been down with him since his days of rocking Nouveau Riche parties (with now-Misun guitarist/producer Nacey and Gavin Holland), you're perfectly aware there are more tracks locked away on Starks' hard drive, bullets in the chamber waiting to be fired in a game of bass-bin Russian roulette. But these are six, and they're great.


This one sounds like what could happen if Vybz Kartel and a gang of goons ran into A$AP Ferg and the A$AP Mob at a warehouse rave in Brooklyn. Powerful, heavy, trapped out and vicious. Best of all, it's a FREE new tune.

Nipsey Hussle ft. Dom Kennedy - Don't Forget Us (Steve Starks Remix)

From an avowed fan of smoked out Southern vibes, making the move to LA and being out there in a renaissance for not just left coast rap but for vibes with which he is quite familiar and much in favor, this track's trance-meets-trap vibes certainly deserve the tag of "BREEZY."


An inherently tropical banger released just as moombahton was on-the-rise, "Lydia's" probably better known for the remix that Nadastrom did of the track, an incredibly vibe-heavy dembow reworking.


Just for something a bit out of left field, Starks takes a chopped up vocal from The Cardigans' "Lovefool" and blends it with frenetic synths and a snappy kickdrum for a club track that Starks describes on Soundcloud as "getting trippy in the tabernacle." Church, indeed.

Fr33ky in the Club

When moombahton OGs Nadastrom and DJ Sabo toured nationwide, Scion AV released the Moombahton Massive EP in celebration. Steve Starks' spooky banger was included in that set. A late into his teens adopter to dance, Starks found his entree into the scene from Baltimore's rave community. The happy place where heavy bass meets deep and tech house vibes, this one has an other-wordly feel.

DJ Melo & Steve Starks - Un Gran Circo

When Steve Starks and Arizona's DJ Melo get together on a moombahton production, it would be an understatement to say that the track could literally head in any direction. Melo's a vast repository of musical knowledge and production know-how, and Starks is a bass wizard with a solid handle on melody. Almost Balearic in feel, it sets a house vibe that could work anywhere from the playa at Burning Man to Space Ibiza and beyond.

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