Exposing old white people to rap is still good for a laugh and the above video, featuring three grannies reading and discussing the lyrics to "Drunk in Love," is littered with gems. Over sandwiches, the women roll their eyes at lyrics to Kanye's remix and are the first people ever to be repulsed by Beyoncé's "surfboard" verse, one even saying, "We never talked when we were having sex!"

The video has a lot of adorable moments, but the best comes when they get to Jay Z's verse. Having already been described in the video as Bey's "husband [who] is such a sweetheart," the three almost take more care while trying to decode his words. Their understanding of his line about d'Ussé is delightful, but you'll have to watch find out why.

We're never going to stop getting new ways to hear this song, huh?

[via WSHH]

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