The city of Seattle may be home to Macklemore and his socially conscious raps, but travel a little further south and things start to get weird (© Workaholics) in the music scene. Tacoma rap trio ILLFIGHTYOU are at the forefront of this movement, who emerged last year with their electrifying self-titled mixtape. Now, member UGLYFRANK is expanding on their eccentric style with his debut EP BOBBY HILL, which Complex premieres today.

The seven-song project includes his latest release "LEFT OVA," which is anything but what the title suggests. BOBBY HILL also features full production from St. Louis duo KReam Team, who go from eerie backdrops ("PBR") to heavy synth ("FRANK TRUISE") at the drop of a dime. And UGLYFRANK is right at the center of it, delivering rollicking rhymes and a distinct vibe that is perfect for a house party. Or, getting lit by yourself on a Tuesday afternoon. Whatever works.

Stream UGLYFRANK's BOBBY HILL EP below. To keep up FRANK, ILLFIGHTYOU, and the rest of The Sandlot crew, visit their online lair here.

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