Throughout Miami Music Week, we noticed one name that was interestingly missing: Porter Robinson. While we know he's going to be releasing an album (Worlds) this year on Astralwerks, we're kind of surprised that he's not actually playing anywhere in Miami, even some random stage during the Ultra Music Festival. Although, if you give "Sea of Voices" a listen, and think about how he seems to be pushing a new endeavor altogether, Porter not being in Miami this year might make sense.

However, he is kind of in Miami.

One thing you might have noticed since Porter started talking about Worlds is the following symbol: 【=◈︿◈=】. We're not 100% sure what the science behind this emoji is, but from what you can see up above, this thing is being spotted EVERYWHERE in Miami. So eve if Porter isn't out there in the flesh, the Worlds message is out there.

See if you can spot Porter's emoji in these pictures, and if you're in Miami and spot one, snap a pic and send it to!