The NFL is out for M.I.A.'s wallet in a big way. Following legal proceedings this past September in which they demanded the 38-year-old artist pay $1.5 million in arbitration for sticking up her middle finger during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show, the NFL has now made an additional claim for M.I.A. to pony up $15.1 million in "restitution." This exorbitant figure is based off of what advertisers would have paid for ads during the two-minute time period that M.I.A. performed, as well as the estimated value of exposure she got from appearing in Madonna's performance.

All total, the NFL is seeking $16.6 million from M.I.A. The singer and her legal team have responded by filing papers that discredit the NFL's position regarding the suit, stating their "claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic."

Among one of the issues brought up in M.I.A.'s response is the fact that the NFL and NBC failed to properly use the "5 second delay system." Because of this, M.I.A. believes they share responsibility in the incident.

"NFL, and NBC, failed to exercise ordinary care in the conduct of the Halftime show by not activating the '5 second delay' system in place for the broadcast. NFL stated in a public announcement: "There was a failure in NBC's delay system." Any alleged fault or liability of Respondents should be diminished by NBC's dereliction. Discovery has not been taken yet to determine whether contractually NBC owed a duty to NFL to properly operate the delay system. Very likely that is indeed the case."

You can read M.I.A.'s full response here.

[via THR]

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