Sometimes you just need a piece of leftfield bounce in your life. I get up in a time when "electronic music" meant so much, especially during that mid-to-late '90s era, so it's not secret that I'd be quickly drawn to tracks like this Production Unit remix of Machines In Heaven's "Parliament Is Made Of Rice Paper." MIH is a group from Glasgow that seem to be influenced by all of the things I like about music, from the Aphex Twins and The Pixies to the DJ Premiers. They bring all of that into a captivating soup... then have Glasgow producer Production Unit filter it into a walled space that can properly house this It's a tune that doesn't even drop a bassline until three-and-a-half minutes into the track, and when it does, it's lo-fi heaven on earth. Truly some music to get lost wandering in a cathedral to. And if you dig this, grab MIH's bordersbreakdown, which is out on March 14.