Jordy Asher a.k.a. Boots shares another two-for (every other) Tuesday by releasing "Ride Ride Ride" and "Alright." The talented artist takes two unique approaches on both records, and they're equally impressive. "Ride Ride Ride" is more contemporary, with Boots sensually describing the activities that take place in his bedroom. On the flip side, "Alright" highlights his lyrical chops. Over groovy production, Boots boasts about his success working on Beyoncé's critically acclaimed self-titled album and the perks that come with it:

"Everybody ask where I'm from/Everybody ask what I've done/1 million in one week: gold streets/Friday nights are ripe to fuck a gold piece/Condom wrappers are gold throw out the old sheets/Pussy flow like waves are crashing over me."

Stay tuned for the Tuesday after next, as Boots plans to drop a few more records from his free mixtape Dust.

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