I don't know if I want the kind of rude girl ting that involves someone fucking me then taking my money. I mean, Chelley sounds like a doll, but why do you have to take my money? Just ask. In any case, Ricky Blaze and Chelley's "Take Ya Money" should have had you open earlier this month, but Ultra Music wasn't done. They called in the Amsterdam assassins Yellow Claw to fatten this one up, and it works. They literally turned this one up, giving it a massive trap sheen. Those 808s are riding perfectly over Chelley's rude gyal tings, and this one is sure to be a hit on the festival circuit, trust.

Word is that this tune will be a Beatport exclusive for two weeks starting March 28; let 'em know where you heard it first, though. And wait for that second drop; it's a doozy!