British producer Actress is a rare gem; combining different approaches to his heavily layered production style. His grimy and often esoteric production has been acclaimed since his 2008 debut Hazyville, and his recent release titled Ghettoville has been named it's successor.

Actress sat down with Pigeons And Planes to talk about his new album, his influences and more.

 On creating Ghettoville & Broken Memories:


There’s kind of a time lapse involved in the process and all sort of capturing different times and seeing what sinks in and out. I think it’s kind of a surreal album... it's sort of like working with broken memories, almost like rebuilding memories in a way. I guess when you’re thinking about things from that perspective as a writer, you can never quite figure out how anyone’s going to perceive it as a listener.


Comparing Ghettoville to Hazyville:

I guess what Ghettoville is really, is sort of like a complete spewing out of everything. I mean, I’ve literally traveled the globe and everything I experience goes into it. I’ve seen favelas in Brazil, I’ve seen the Congo, like really drastically different places. I think to maintain the attitude I had when I didn’t have any of that, you sort of have to feed that back into work. That for me, is what keeps me interested. Yeah.

On his possible retirement:

I’m not done with music at all, but I’m very sort of... I go with how I feel and sometimes I’m not into making anything, you know?

[via Pigeons & Planes]

Ghettoville is available now.