Greedhead's Lakutis is gearing up to release his mixtape Three Seashells but before that hits, he stopped by Complex TV to offer up some advice on life and love for Valentine's Day.

The NYC rapper dishes out lessons on what to do when you want to leave your girl for her mother or sister (don't), the ingredients you should pick up to cook a romantic dinner (again, don't), and offers his opinion on the V-Day institution as a whole (you guessed it, don't). But for all his silliness, he drops a real truth bomb in the middle: "You shouldn't entwine practical matters with matters of the heart." That's knowledge.

Lakutis also has a few ideas about what children should be spending their allowance on after school, the ideal date, and whether or not the world needs rap music. Check out the video above and stay tuned for Three Seashells.

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