Fresh off releasing his EP/iTunes album, Cilvia Demo, Chattanooga rapper and recent TDE signee Isaiah Rashad stopped by New York''s Power 105 to talk with the Breakfast Club. He discussed meeting TDE's Dave Free, signing with the label and being surprised by Kendrick Lamar's verse during the BET Cypher—standard stuff.

But Isaiah also seemed particularly comfortable with the hosts despite his lack of experience doing radio interviews (he did keep forgetting to speak into the mic), which led to some entertaining off-the-cuff exchanges about cars and fast food, as well as some funny stories about hitchhiking to Nashville and almost deciding to sell drugs. The interview even dipped into a topic that the Breakfast Club, despite its name, doesn't always cover: actual breakfast. The exchange, briefly (for Charlamagne's full, impolite thoughts on vegan girls, you'll have to watch):

Angela Yee: You said you don't like vegan women?
Isaiah Rashad: We can't eat the same. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do together?
Charlamagne: You can go to Roscoe's and order waffles.
Isaiah Rashad: I don't even like waffles no more. I'm from the South. I've had Waffle House my whole life.
Charlamagne: Yeah, me too. But Roscoe's --
Isaiah Rashad: Not the same! Not gonna lie.
Charlamagne: Waffle House ain't got nothing on Roscoe's waffles.
Isaiah Rashad: Roscoe's the type of stuff you can only eat once a week though.
Charlamagne: I wouldn't even do it that much.

There you have it. Isaiah Rashad: Mixed opinions on waffles. Finally something for the fans who tune into the Breakfast Club actually hoping for more stuff about breakfast. On an unrelated note, Isaiah Rashad's new project, Cilvia Demo, is out now. Check out the full interview above.

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