We're still in awe at what A-Trak did in 1997 to win the DMC World Championships at the age of 15.  The rest of his career has become a legendary tale, moving from spinning for Kanye to launching Fool's Gold to producing under his own name and as a collaborator in Duck Sauce effortlessly. His mastery of turntablism was unmatched at the time, and it was an indicator of things to come.

This leads us to DJ Dwells. He's 13-years-old, just won the New York leg of the DMC competition, and is fucking insane. While DJ City notes that this youngster is from Connecticut, a post on Tablist.net pins him as a New York resident. We know for sure that he attended Scratch Academy in New York, and that this was his first DMC battle ever.

Talent is getting younger and younger these days. YouTube tutorials and torrents are creating producers that are ready for the mainstream before they're allowed to legally drink. But the art of turntablism is becoming lost on the next generation. Will Dwells go on to fame and success? Who knows. But this routine would be incredible for anyone to throw down, and seeing skills like this from a 13-year-old is a rarity.

[Ed. Note: The above routine isn't the one Dwells used to win; as he noted on his YouTube page, "I decided I'm not gonna share my winning DMC NY set until after nationals. A lot of people are comparing me to my first "turntablism" routine I posted which is pretty bad by now. To everyone that wants to see a more recent video; here's this. Don't at all think that these are routines I'm gonna be using at nationals."]