"I've always liked that record a lot. Dice and Malik. I think everyone performed well on that. James Poyser played keyboards on that song, and that was a record we came up with just on the fly. Bobbito and DJ Rich Medina used to have a jam session at a sneaker store in Philly. They would do these jam sessions once a week there, and Jill Scott would come and do poetry and whatever musicians on deck would perform.

We decided to name ourselves 'Lesbian Sex Show.'

"Then one night, Common, myself, James Poyser, Questlove, and—someone was playing bass—we decided to name ourselves 'Lesbian Sex Show,' to add something to put on the flyer, like 'Oh, you get to see this, this, this, this, and a Lesbian Sex Show!' It was just the name of our ensemble for the week. And we came up with this freestyle off the top where the guys played music and I rapped a rap. It was that, it was 'Don't See Us.' "We got in the studio and we recorded that song, we were trying to remember the things we had come up with a couple of weeks earlier as the Lesbian Sex Act [Laughs]. That's the story behind that joint."