Who Is P. Reign?

Influences in Rap

"The first rapper I remember hearing was LL Cool J, when he was doing his thing back in the day with one pant leg up. I remember I used to try to emulate everything he did. He would probably be one of the first artists in hip-hop that made me feel like, 'I want to do this.'

One of the guys I really wanted to be like was Nas.

"Others that come to mind are 2Pac, Nas, 50 Cent, and even DMX right before his whole crack addiction hit and obviously before he dissed Drake. I also remember watching Ja Rule when he first came out with 'Holla Holla' when he was on Miami Beach with the bandanna.

"One of the guys I really wanted to be like was Nas. I remember watching his videos, especially 'Hate Me Now.' He was lightskin, had the waves, the medallion chains, his whole Queensbridge clique with him. I definitely was trying to emulate some of that. He was a legend in the game but he was still fly."

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