Mixtape: Mixtape Trappers 16
Producer: Unknown 

And out of nowhere, at the beginning of the year, Lil Boosie dropped a new single with Webbie, although the first two verses belong to the incarcerated Baton Rouge rapper. Over a piano-driven beat that sounds like an approximation of the original "Grand Groove," the song has a bit of a mawkish hook saved by Boosie's gravitas. "I just like to make people happy/Four kids, I just like being a good daddy/But I'm a gangster and I rock shows/A people person, so you know Lil Boosie got hoes." He was sent to jail just as he seemed on the verge of becoming a national star—his guest spots on singles like Foxx's "Wipe Me Down (Remix)" and Webbie's "Independent" had him climbing the upper reaches of the pop charts in a way most non-Drake hip-hop has struggled to since. His fanbase, though no doubt slimmed down a bit, still seems pretty active; it'll be interesting to see how, should he make it out of jail soon, his return will impact the game.