There's something about female vocal harmonies with soulful synths that always does it for me.  The three girls in Keeper and Peligrosa boss man, Orion, have teamed up for just that here on this ridiculously tasty remix.  Keeper is a fairly new act, having just formed during the summer of 2013, but they've been friends and collaborators for a number of years.  Orion, if you don't know already, is bit of a legend.  Whether its spearheading his Peligrosa collective into the Austin, TX (and internet) history books, being one of the first producers to experiment with about every tropical bass genre known to man, showing off his amazing VJ skills at events like Moombahton Massive Day or simply being one of the nicest dudes I've ever had the privilege of meeting in this music game... he excels at pretty much everything.  Case and point is this new remix.  Totally a departure from what I'm used to hearing from him, but this mid-tempo synth'd out soul he's built around these top notch vocal harmonies is really special.  He was also cool enough (surprise) to offer this gem up for free download as well.  You're advised to start listening and clicking that mouse below.