Doley Bernays has released a video for "Till We Fall," where a drug dealer ends up getting dealt a huge blow when he's robbed at gunpoint. The video follows both this story and Bernays', who's perched on a park bench and schooling a friend on the street life. His rhymes flow effortlessly over MP Williams' sobering production, with two song breaks between each verse that highlight a sample of Slim Thug rapping "ball till we fall" from "3 Kings." By the end of the video, the drug dealer gets his revenge. Sort of. He snitches on the robber, and the last scene we catch is two police officers walking toward his apartment door with guns drawn. Pretty cinematic visuals from director Kwaz "Scriptz" Fraser.

"Till We Fall" is off Doley Bernays' latest EP Just In Case. The project is fully produced by MP Williams and includes guest appearances from Denzil Porter, Charlie Kris, and James Ashli.

[via Noisey]

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