As much as we want to say big up to Club Space for writing this open letter to deadmau5, we can't help but feel like this is a ploy. Well, let's back up. If you missed it, one of deadmau5's more recent Twitter tirades was regarding what he called "trust fund kids" taking up the front row of his show at Club Mansion, only to ignore him while sitting on their cellphones. This lead to him going on about never wanting to play Miami clubs again. Now a few days later, Miami's Club Space posted the following open letter on Facebook, telling deadmau5 that they'd foot the bill (up to $25,000) for deadmau5 to come out and perform a free show for his fans:

Now as you can see in the tweets above, deadmau5 did point out that Club Space is owned by the same company that owns Club Masion (well, in April 2013, Space was sold to "a group of individual investors" that includes both Roman Jones and Justin Levine, two Opium Group partners, but is not owned by The Opium Group). You should remember The Opium Group as it's one of the companies that Robert Sillerman bought into in 2013. Smell what we're stepping in? Yeah, it seems suspect, but deadmau5 admits that it's a much better venue, and even if Space is just throwing this out there to get Internets hits (which they definitely are getting), it was "well played."

At the time of this writing, it looks like deadmau5 has another idea:

(Dancing Astronaut)