Producer: Avicii
Album: TRUE

While I put food on my family by covering EDM, I don't rock with everything that's going on. And while I can understand why tracks like Avicii's "Wake Me Up" exist, that doesn't mean I'm trying to hear that shit every fucking time I turn on the radio. I knew it when I saw Avicii's Ultra Music Festival performance: Aloe Blacc is cool, and needs a dollar, but am I truly trying to hear him singing atop a country-meets-EDM production from Avicii? Not necessarily.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, a track like this is needed to help cultivate the EDM scene in America, and he ended up surpassing Daft Punk's reign over Billboard's Dance/Electronic Songs chart, but c'mon. And that corny video, with the girl who rode a horse from some rural, segregated town to fucking Miami? Miss me with the pretentiousness of the video, and just kill it with the jams. Maybe we're just not ready...or maybe we want more from the "EDM gatekeepers" than obvious radio hits. Challenge people, or just make undeniable pop jams like Zedd's "Clarity." Just don't undermine us with easy crossover tunes that have no choice but to blow up in your mom's minivan. —khal