Favorite Song: "'Criminal' jumps out in my head. That motherfucker was crazy. The part when he was like, 'Windows tinted on my ride/So when I rob a bank, run out and just dive in it/So I'll be disguised in it, and if anybody identifies the guy in it/I'll hide for five minutes.' He just really paints the whole picture man. That definitely has to be it."

Favorite Album: "The Marshall Mathers LP. That album is so dope that he's coming back around with that. It's like a brand."

Favorite Moment: "Man, it's a lot. His lyrics compete with each other and the moments he had. I know it's a picture of him flicking somebody off at this award show. That's my favorite. [Laughs.] He's flipping the band No Doubt off at an awards show. He just didn't like them. Paul Rosenberg has the picture in his office. He's walking on stage, receiving an award, and he's flipping the dude off. [Laughs.]"