Date: September 27
Grade: B

While the world waits on the official Wu-Tang remix to "It's Yours," Raekwon opted to rock over "Pound Cake" with his own version, "Marble Cake." Since the original samples lyrics from Wu-Tang's classic "CREAM" we're gonna go ahead and say that if anyone had a right to rhyme over this beat, it's Rae. He flourishes on the beat, even if his flow aren't as fluid as it once was. We're not sure why it opens with Ghost Killah's classic "Blue and Cream" rant from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx but we're always happy to hear Ghost at his finest. Meanwhile, Rae rhymes, "Rock mad diamonds and strive, see the bracelet/Ask Ghost where the eagle come from, don't say shit/Caesar's, no skeezers/I could get you barred from Europe, no visas." This just that fly wonderful talk. — Insanul Ahmed