The smoke has cleared from our epic G-Dragon digital cover story—he came, he saw, he changed outfits mad times—so now we’re left to ponder his new album. Coup D’Etat, GD’s second full-length release, will not turn you into a fan of K-pop. And that’s because G-Dragon’s music isn’t really K-pop—it’s GD-pop. Which means that instead of a song about unrequited love, you get a song about love-induced murder. And in place of a song called “I Need You,” you get a song (originally) titled “Fuck You.” And replacing the perfunctory we-paid-an-American-rapper-$200,000-for-this-awkward-cameo joint, you get the only rap song featuring Missy Elliott to sample a Korean folk song that you’ll need to listen to for the rest of your life. That last one is a banger in any language. I’ve a feeling we’re not in Seoul anymore…. —Donnie Kwak