Avriel is a vocalist from California who appeared on Stalley's Savage Journey To The American Dream from last year, on a song called "Island Hopping." She is getting ready to release a new project of her own now. Today, she releases a new song called "Failed Messiah." Produced by Miles Brandon, the song's smoky production gives off an ethereal vibe.

"Failed Messiah" is about progress and friendship. Explaining the concept, Avriel said:

"The song, on surface level, is about this post-graduation transition I'm dealing with. After I graduated, all my college friends went their own ways, and I moved back to my old neighborhood to work on music. But, it's hard to imagine how big of an impact a few years away at school will have on your relationships. I came home to a lot of friends who hadn't really grown at the same rate that I had, and it was tough to find things we still had in common. So then, I'm left in this alienating position of wanting to keep these relationships, help them progress, but knowing we're in two different worlds and that I may not really know what's best for them."

This message is driven home by the last line of the song. Avriel says, "I would say no new friends but I've outgrown my old ones."

Hopefully, there is more music on the horizon from the young California songstress in the near future.

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