The Flavr Blue release their new music video "In My Dream."

The visuals play off a vibrant kaleidoscope theme that features Hollis, Parker and Lace Cadence gliding in and out of the picture while a set of beautiful landscapes flash in the background. Hollis sings over the light backdrop about a distant connection with someone that continues to allude her aside from a REM state.

"I'm trying to remember you, but it's already escaping me/Fleeting, like I'm waking up from sleep," she sweetly croons as they escape again. The overall texture from visual effects artist Travis Mouffe and director Ryan Hills tastefully captures the song's dream-like sequence here, and it's a performance that feels and looks as wonderful as it sounds.

"In My Dream" was featured on The Flavr Blue's 2012 debut album Pisces, which also included standout singles "F x F" and "Hideaway." They are currently set to release Bright Vices, a five-track EP that explores new and exciting soundscapes from the Seattle synth-pop trio. Fans will certainly gravitiate toward the charming warped melody of "Magnetic," and "Hearts Racing," a bubbling low-synth track that pulses through the listener's veins. Bright Vices will be available October 15 for free download on their official website. 

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