I'll be completely honest here. The first 2 singles from Phuture Doom's Nightfall EP were bonkers. And the two records that followed them didn't quite live up to the tunes that got us riled up about the project. It looks though that the Nightfall LP looks to clean up any doubts that we may have had.

Sure, the LP starts with the four tracks from the EP, but the remaining six tracks sound to be a complete mindfuck. We hear more double kicks, tons of acid, a clip of a drum & bass record, and whatever you call the track that starts at 0:40. The steel drum playing alongside the pitched synth is nutty.

The images that accompany this work are black (and white) everything, and represent the sound so perfectly. Phuture Doom are creating sounds unlike anything that's being released on a mainstream level right now, and have the ability to make jaws drop if the energy of their live show is anywhere close to their musical output. And in poking around for a minute, I can't find who Phuture Doom even is.

The LP is set to come out on October 15 via OWSLA.


1. La Grande Messe Noire
2. Burn The Knowledge
3. Black Acid Reign
4. Han Breaks
5. Mach 100
6. Doom Terror Corps
7. Rites
8. Paradise Lost
9. Funeral Phuture
10. Exodvs