dOpe Tendencies is a duo consisting of Abstract Beats x MarcusS, two producers that have been bubbling as individuals. Their bio essentially reads "New York hardcore singer and hip-hop producer heard EDM two years ago and wanted to give it a try." And though these two are an unlikely pair to compete in an arena they don't have a deep history in, Free Brain Friday Vol. I is fucking insane.

Leaning on mainstream records, these two crafted an EDM release that's one of my favorites of this year. Sampling records from 50 Cent, Jeezy, Ookay, Kid Ink, and others, dOpe Tendencies mix sounds and influences into a bass music orgy. These are moombahton and trap remixes built to break everything. Free Brain Friday Vol. I has been handed to Do Androids Dance as an exclusive download as well... grab these treats and throw them into your Serato playlist immediately.