Do Or Die Responds To Controversy Surrounding "Po Pimp" Being Taught In Schools

Chicago rap group Do Or Die rose to some exposure due to their hit "Po Pimp" with Twista in 1996. Today, that 17 year-old success manifests itself on standardized course material—somewhere in Louisiana. A local parent has decided that her children learning about the word "pimp" is not appropriate, despite it being district-approved curriculum.

Do Or Die responded to the reported "outrage" by saying the following. AK says:

“I am honored and excited that our song is included in the school’s curriculum, music is engaging and should be used as a learning tool. After all, these kids know all the words to these songs maybe now they can find some pleasure in doing their school work.”

And Belo says:

“The word pimp has many meanings at this point. Like many negative words before it, rap music has flipped the meaning. Nowadays you can pimp a job you can even pimp your ride.”

Suffice it to say that this Louisiana parent does not want her kids to ride in the backseat of anyone's caddy.

[via FSD]

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