U.K. singer King Krule, aka 18-year-old Archy Marshall, has always had both the deep voice and bummed out demeanor of someone far older and more worn down, and with the latest release off of his forthcoming album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, he turns his premature world weariness to the subject of a circular, minimal love song. Meandering through downcast lyrics like "I wanna be with you/I wanna be used" over a simple drum and piano track with just a few touches of horns and electronic effects, he puts a modern twist on the mold of cranky singer-songwriter.

The video, which starts out looking like nothing more than an audio track over the album art, turns into a similarly modern riff on album covers, showing King Krule lounging on the art, smoking and playing with a dog. It's low-key and barely even a video, but that's his style: just put together enough to be totally disarming. His album is out August 24. Check out the video above.

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