"I hear they wanna be me."

Sasha Go Hard comes back meaner than ever on this one, "GiveNoF*ck." What's often striking in her music is her adamantly solo narrative. She often places herself in dark Chicago neighborhoods, but unlike her drill coevals, she's not mobbing, which can give her videos this characteristically post-apocalyptic "I Am Legend" feel. She never really even mentions a "crew" that she belongs to, opting rather to take the "I stand alone, no one stands next to me" route. She is one of the few lone wolves of rap today, and one of the even fewer in female rap, but what she ends up with is this very powerful seeming persona to which any independent person can try to relate.

The only recurring character in her videos, besides herself, is this bearded man (who is apparently Tony Roche, her producer), who looks like he manages your local college coffee shop when he's not starring in grimey Sasha Go Hard videos. He's in a perpetual state of slow-motion dance, and it seems as though he functions as the comic relief for Sasha's videos, which can be a little bit intense.

The only clear take-away from this song and video is that she is really out here, and certainly appears to "GiveNoF*ck," like, at all.

[via FSD]

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