New York art rock luminaries TV on the Radio have kept a low profile since the untimely death of bassist Gerard Smith, but today they returned with their first new music since their 2011 album Nine Types of Light. First played during the band's set at ATP and premiered via an audio teaser on the Huffington Post's Instagram (an option that wasn't even available the last time we heard from these guys), the full song is now up and streaming. It also marks the group's first release on band member and producer Dave Sitek's new label, Federal Prism.

Simpler than much of the band's output, it's a straightforward rock song about lost love, and it's completely rad. Whipping out forlorn gems like "things fall apart in the blink of an eye, better keep yours open wide" and "it burns so cold!" over driving guitars, singer Tunde Adebimpe may be bummed out, but he also seems kind of excited to get the band back in action. In fact, this may just be the beginning of a bunch of new output. Band member Kyp Malone told the Huffington Post that this song and another, entitled "Million Miles," "came to fruition with such ease that it felt like an invitation to get back to this good work." Check out said good work below.

Listen: TV on the Radio "Mercy"

[via Huffington Post]

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