Vancouver's Sleepy Tom is definitely not sleeping at the wheel.  After his monster remix of "Voyager" with Krusha, he has now released his take on Mounties' "Headphones." The result is a lush trap-esque big bass bomb. There's something about this track that makes you feel like you're on a safari hunt, looking for the big catch with it's punishing wood percussion, tribal chants, mystical vibes. Speaking to Magnetic Mag,  Mounties' Steve Bays explained: "I met Sleepy Tom when he showed up on the stoop of my recording studio a couple years as a fresh faced intern. Within a short time I realized he was too talented to not pay, so I brought him in as my assistant. Within a short time from that, I realized he should just be focusing on his own music, so fired him but let him work outta my studio. Within a short time from that I realized he needed his own studio, and within a short time from that he was signed to Fool’s Gold. Somewhere in there he killed this remix."