Circa: 1994
Producer: DJ Clark Kent

Jay-Z's never made songs just for laughs, but he's always had a healthy dose of humor in his music. "Get Off My Dick" might be his most purely comedic record ever, highlighting the chemistry between Jay and Sauce Money as the frequent collaborators take turns dismissing old “classmates,” male groupies, and other assorted herbs asking too many questions on the street. (Sample lyric from Jay: “Niggas who jock need to be shot/'Cause even if you're shit went triple platinum I'm like heh...could have been better, ak.")

While Sauce would essentially wind up just a footnote in the Roc-A-Fella saga, fading from view after appearances on Jay’s first three albums as well as Streets is Watching, he and Jay recorded quite a bit together in the days leading up to Reasonable Doubt. Had hip-hop not moved from a group-driven genre to one centered on solo achievement around this time, Jay and Sauce Money might have wound up becoming one of rap's great duos.