When it comes to the latest crop of Atlanta rappers, few are making as much noise as Ca$h Out. He has a hit single, “Another Country,” featuring Future. He has a debut album, Patience, on the way via Epic Records. And he has a partnership with PUMA that keeps him looking fresh from the studio to the stage. While on the road promoting his most recent record, we got up with him to talk about the single, the album and his sneakers.

Interview by Dana Droppo (@danadroppo)

What can you tell us about “Another Country?” How did you hook up with Future?
Man, it was just like, it was about that time. It was a great moment – two power houses, two people who know how to make great hooks, great records. I just came to him and was like, “You take the ball, you give me one of them hooks you been making.” I felt like it was a record that the world could relate to, different countries and things like that. I felt like it was another “Cashin’ Out.” It was a worldwide smash. 

So you guys have been friends for a while now?
Yeah, we’ve been friends before he got signed. He was in the streets, putting in the work. We just happened to make it to the same label. It just shows that with the work we’ve been putting in, and with the work we’re still putting in now, we didn’t even make it yet. I feel like I haven’t even made it yet. I felt like I just made it to a certain point in my life, you know, to progress. We’ve just been consistent with the music.

So what was it like working with him, how did you guys collaborate?
I just hit him up. It was no “Hey, hi, my manager…” Nah. It was nothing like that. It was a real relationship. I was never like, “Hey, I need a record from you.” It was just the right time. I was doing my thing; I had my hit, he had his. I felt like we understood labels, and that’s what people really wanna see anyway. We just riding in our own lanes, and when it’s time to come together, it’s gonna be a special bond. We did that. It became “Another Country.”

Did you guys write together? Did you spend time together in the studio?
Basically. With certain records, I just feel the vibe and I don’t even have to write. The hook was already there so I just bonded with the hook. I took the hook with me and went in my studio. We did everything for the hook in his studio, then I just took the hook with me then bonded with it. I went into my studio and laid the verses down, and the rest was history.

What has it been like to have “Cashin’ Out” sampled by so many high-profile artists?
It was just great, especially for my first record of my mainstream career. It was just a smash, right behind Rihanna and almost platinum. It was kind of like a gift and a curse, but my whole thing was staying consistent. I wasn’t like, “I need to make another ‘Cashin’ Out’ because it was No. 1.” Nah, it’s about staying consistent. As long as we can feel like we can make a Top 10 record, you never know where it can go from there. I’m about getting into that Top 10 and going from there. So it’s about that consistency with me and the music. I just feel like “Cashin’ Out” was a big smash. Hey, great record, got us to Epic. It’s time to move on. I’m on to the next one. I wanna keep making these smashes and keep building my brand.

So what has been your favorite collaboration so far that you’ve worked on?
I think the “Cashin’ Out” remix because a lot of the artists showed love. Akon, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Fabolous, who else… Man, I think that was it. Especially Akon, who made it in Africa and did his verse. He was over there playing with diamonds. It just showed me that people really love the music that I’m putting out, so it felt good as an artist at the time.

Yeah, it’s so good when people come out and support like that. I can’t even imagine what that would’ve been like. So if you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) from anywhere in the world, who would that be?
It’d definitely be Tupac. I would definitely love to get a collaboration with Tupac. You said dead or alive, and as far as alive, I’m still trying to get this amazing feature with Drake. I’m trying to put that together. It will be good.


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