Shouts to Lockah for putting us on to T_A_M earlier this month. One of the best parts about being a blogger on the Internets writing about music is when you get to be a fan and experience new shit for the first time. T_A_M is another Aberdeen artist that is living in the bass music bubble, dwelling from sound to sound, crafting whatever sounds best whenever its most appropriate. His "Midgar" / "Roze" single for Tuff Wax really opened our minds, but more importantly it let us know that there are people who make music the same way we take it in: all-encompassing, with different movements flowing in at will. For the 32nd (!) DAD Mix, T_A_M weaved a 31-minute tapestry of exciting electronic music, both from his studio and from a host of artists we've not properly been introduced to. Hello, guys.

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1. The Keynote Speaker - Failte Fields
2. Trim - Trim I Am (CAIN Remix)
3. Fresh Paul - Sunblazed
4. Mite & Ewalk - Iron Gaiden
5. Tiltmode - Deep Throat
6. Champion - Bowser's Castle
7. Strict Face - Shibuya Gunner
8. T_A_M - Roze
9. Zubuntu - Los Alamos
10. Filter Dread - Thorax
11. T_A_M & Zubuntu - We Need It
12. Loutseau - Camel
13. Rich Flyer - These Girls (DM Bones Remix)
14. TryTryDieDown - Bout U