Dizzy Wright: “That was in ninth grade. We had a group called DaFuture. It was me, my homeboy DeJon, and my little brother KJ. Dejon took me to church and I got baptized. Dejon and his family were teaching me about The Bible and helping me build my connection with God. He was an only child. His mom was a twin and his dad was a twin, he had like some fucking ironic ass little life, but they got me into church.

“He was moving and I was just like, damn. I didn't want the group to break up. That was the only nigga I really kicked it with. So I asked my mom if I could go with them. I was getting in trouble, but then I was getting into my spiritual stuff, and with the direction I was going in, my mom was like, ‘Yeah, if they say it's cool.’ So I moved to Covington, Georgia with him.

“You ever heard the saying, 'You never know somebody until you live with them?’ That's pretty much what I became a victim of. That shit was cool until I lived with them. Their way of living was a little too much for me. It made me kind of salty, and it started making me act differently.

“He kind of made me the enemy. I guess somebody had tried to fight him, and I ran up on the nigga on my own time. Everybody started saying, ‘Oh, his little brother got more balls than him,’ because I was in the ninth grade and he was in eleventh. He wasn't trying to fight, but I didn't give a fuck. He got mad at me for that shit, because he felt like I was doing it because I didn't think he could fight his own battles.

“My mom ended up moving out there. I was telling my mom, ‘They got nice ass houses down here for cheap. What you're paying, you could get a four-bedroom house down here, just right down the street.’ She was like, ‘Alright, I'll look into it.’ I sent her all the shit and she ended up getting the house I was talking about.

“So I moved out of his house and moved down the street with my mom. We stayed for a little while. But this was Hurricane Katrina time, we got hit with a lot of tornadoes and shit from Katrina. I was like, 'No, I can't fuck with this house. That scary weather shit that be going on, hell no.’ So we went back to Vegas.”