Who Is Dizzy Wright?

Growing Up In Las Vegas

Dizzy Wright: “I lived in Flint, Michigan until I was 4-years-old and then I moved to Las Vegas. Growing up, I was a travel baby. My mom was in the music industry. My mom was chasing a dream. Wherever she went, we went. So we moved around a lot.


My auntie didn't want us in her house after a couple weeks.


“When I moved to Vegas, we moved in with my auntie. My auntie and my uncle were like, ‘We're out here all the way in Vegas, we don't got no family here. You all should just come out here and bring the kids.’ So we came out there and we were staying with them for a little while, but me and my brothers were just trifling. We didn't really have good home training.

“My auntie didn't want us in her house after a couple weeks. We ended up moving into some small ass apartment. It was five of us in like a one-bedroom apartment. That's where the struggle began. I got three brothers and one sister, I'm the second oldest. At first, my older brother really had to hold the fort down, and then he started running wild. My mom was always there, we just went a couple hours out the day when she wasn't there. It was just enough time to be bad ass kids.”

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