Date: June 21

Maybe you've heard of this drug, "Molly"? Oh, you have? You've known about it since Trinidad James rapped about it? Or Tyga? Or Chief Keef spilling the beans about what was in Fredo's water bottles? Or Future, or Gunplay, or Kanye? Or Rihanna, or Danny Brown? You have? Well, then can you believe the New York Times ran an entire trend piece about taking Molly? How late are they, amirite?

What's going to happen to rap's clubdrug-of-choice now that the New York Times is sweating Molly all over their newsprint? Will it become uncool? Why did they have to ruin all your fun? Better question: How are all of you squares just discovering molly within the last year? You, the rap game, and the New York Times?

Did you know that the rest of the drug-doing world, the part that doesn't wait for rap music to prompt it to do things, ran through Molly a full ten years ago? After Ecstasy fucked up too many of our friends in the late '90s and early aughts? Haven't you seen Go? Have you never had a feline read your mind? Do you not know what piperazine is? If Danny Brown's next album was recorded from the deepest depths of a K-Hole, are you going to go buy a broke-leg racehorse and take it to the vet in order to score yourself los ketaminas, amigo? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT DOES TO YOU? IT KILLS YOUR BRAIN CELLS, SON, IT KILLS YOUR BRAIN CELLS! —Foster Kamer