Drake dropped four new songs, a release date, and Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace.

Date: June 22

In the news business, there's a term used to describe the savvy public relations strategy of releasing potentially damaging information at the very end of the week, as all the journalists are headed out the door and the financial markets are closed: the "Friday Night News Dump." With that in mind, we now have reason to celebrate the "Friday Night Drake Dump," wherein Aubrey of Toronto takes the Friday after J. Cole, Mac Miller, and Kanye West have all released albums, and Jay-Z made a tidal-wave sized splash announcement of his own, and drops a big pile of new music all over them. 

And what did Old St. Drake slip down the rap chimney with? Oh, you know, just (1) a track with Atlanta's hottest up-and-comers, (2) a track that's essentially one giant, extended sub-Tweet aimed at Rihanna, (3) a freestyle (ahem, "freestyle") named for Jodeci—one that features J. Cole rapping about tapping into the spirit of Nas (and expressing a little disappointment, it seems, in the website at which you're currently looking), and (4) a track with a new friend, PARTYNEXTDOOR. As well as (5) the fact that his album is coming out on September 17th.

Regardless of what you think of Drake—or whether or not you will let him into your locker room (womp womp)—two things are no longer up for debate: (1) The guy is his own best publicist, as evidenced by his SoundCloud page. (2) Like it or not, this summer will be very VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE, which all goes without saying: VERSACE. —Foster Kamer

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