Song: Papoose "Motion Picture"
Album: The Nacirema Dream
Producer: Dame Grease
Label: Honor B4 Money/Fontana RecordsPapoose and Eminem made careers out of turning idioms into puns, e.g. Em's "I'm lightning in a skillet; you're a fucking flash in a pan" line from "On Fire." Whereas both tip-toe the line between dope and corny, Papoose habitually lands on the corny side. This lyric is a prime example. He takes the idiom "Word is born" and plays on the concept of birth.

Not only does it sound forced but Papoose giving him a miscarriage makes no sense in this context. It would have made sense if he said, "He said his word is born, but he must have miscarried." Papoose can't give the guy the miscarriage because that would mean Papoose is the one telling lies. Bottom line: This concept wasn't good when Childish Gambino did it, and it's not any better with Papoose behind the mic.

To all the youths out there: Papoose signed a contract that gave him $1.5 million, which means you can literally do anything you ever dreamed of no matter how fucking dumb it is.