NahRight had the opportunity to get "In The Lab" with Mac Miller as the Pittsburgh rapper promotes his upcoming sophomore album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Mac spoke on his studio setup in the basement of his house and what inspired the album's content and its title. Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was the part where Mac was asked about "Suplexes Inside Complexes And Duplexes," his collaboration with the elusive Jay Electronica. According to Mac, Jay's verse came extremely last-minute. Mac said:

“He sent me the verse two hours before I went in to master it. The album was done, and I was like, ‘Bro, the album is done. Tell me now if you’re gonna do this. No hard feelings if you can’t, I completely understand.’ He was like, ‘I promise you.’ And he would be sending me texts just randomly throughout the whole album process, like, ‘Don’t turn your album in without me.’ The whole time, we’d been talking about doing this record.

Mac went on add that he was never really worried about Jay flaking on him, saying that he had a "feeling" that he would come through in the end. Luckily for fans, he did, and now the final product resides on Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which drops June 18.

Also during the interview, Mac talks about his favorite verses off the new album and also how he got into producing. His love for the craft and dedication towards improvement is very apparent throughout the conversation.

[via Nah Right]

Also check out Mac Miller on Complex TV's Complex Music below.

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