You've heard this from us many of times, but dance music isn't new. Hell, dance music being popular in America isn't new. Throw a buzz term like "EDM" around, though, and you have people acting like we just discovered DJs, clubs, and electronic dance music. Still, we love the resurgence of dance music, as it opens the doors for artists we feel need to be propped up, as well as gives us an outlet to express ourselves. It also leads to interesting Internets like the @EDMFacts Twitter account.

Started in January of 2012, @EDMFacts is just that: Facts about EDM. Some tweets are things you may have already known, while other tweets break down current news and events within the EDM scene. We love seeing the random drips of information that pours from this account, like who deadmau5 made "Ghost 'n' Stuff" for, or what Dada Life says "PLUR" stands for. We love them so much that we collected our 40 favorites, featuring facts on everyone from Daft Punk and Avicii to who bought Kraftwerk's Moog on eBay.

See how many of these facts you already knew; maybe you'll learn something. Or impress your raver friends with your new-found knowledge on the biggest club in the world, or where Above & Beyond got the inspiration for "Anjuna" from.