BJ The Chicago Kid: "[I learned to sing] through church. I fell in love with playing drums first. I’m the youngest of three boys, both of my brothers sang before me. But when I combine that poetry with the melody, it was rap. But that’s when I was older. I fell in love with singing [when I was] like five or six.

"I remember the day my mom pulled up to the church. She had to sing a song that day and she had my other two brothers helping her. But it was a note still missing. So we in front of the church and she tells me, ‘I need you to sing this note.’

If this ain’t the most pressure situation ever, you going to tell me in the car before I got to walk in? And I got to remember the whole service?! Woah! We went up there and we did it. That day, I got bit by the bug of singing. I fell in love with the attention. I fell in love with the feeling it gave me and the people. I fell in love with the whole essence of singing."