Chance The Rapper Takes The Spotlight This Week, Next Week, and Forever

Date: April 30

Chance The Rapper came back even better than he did the last time, with a mixtape that refuses to let the spotlight turn an inch away from Chicago. For those who had been paying attention to dude, it was clear that the Chance craze would go national sooner or later. Acid Rap tipped the scale with an anvil, quite probably catapulting the self-proclaimed chain-smoking, name-dropping, good-looking...individual to the level of stardom that his combination of skill and charisma deserves. 

But of course, the tape itself needed to be hot enough to match an amount of hype that crashed the site it leaked on for the first time since the "Don't Like" remix came out. Fortunately, and almost unequivocally, it was. Though one of our commenters has already deemed it to be in his "top 25 projects of all time," the rest of us may just want to let this tape breathe for a while. The year-end lists will come, and more than likely they will smile favorably upon dude. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, who the hell is this kid, anywayAlexander Gleckman

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