Producer: A Tribe Called Quest
Album: The Low End Theory
Label: Jive/RCA

"Award Tour" sees Q-Tip and Phife at their respective lyrical and vocal peaks of perfection. Over the sound of a sampled Fender Rhodes electric piano and drums that boom and crack harder than anyone thought possible up to that point, the two MCs drop some of the best lines of their careers, with Tip boasting, "Lyrically I'm Mario Andretti on the Momo/Ludicrously speedy or infectious with the slo-mo," and Phife insisting, "The wackest crews try to dis, it makes me laugh/When my track record's longer than a DC-20 aircraft." This was the first single from Midnight Marauders, and from the second Red Alert played it, the greater NYC area knew that Tribe were about to do the impossible and release a follow-up to The Low End Theory that was just as good and possibly better.