Yesterday, we looked at how Twitter reacted to the 2014 Ultra Music Festival early bird ticket sale. Not to be outdone, a group of determined and disgruntled ravers set up a new Boycott Ultra Music Festival page on Facebook that's already amassed over 6,000 likes. Their aim? To stop being pushed around:

Ultra Music Festival dangled $150 early bird tickets over our heads and laughed at us all as the server crawled along, eventually crashing. The price quickly rose to $500 per ticket and then miraculously, no one was experiencing slow downs and we could purchase with no issues. Seems a little too convenient, doesn't it?

Don't let Ultra push the fans around. Not only is $500 overpriced, but the way we were all slapped in the face by the price makes it even worse. Lets show them what a huge mistake they've made and BOYCOTT ULTRA. Do not fall for their bait and switch pricing scheme. The founders of Ultra do not deserve our hard earned money.

EDM thirst is SO real. If all of the early bird and advanced tickets sold out in minutes, we doubt the majority of the raving massive will care. Still, it's always great to see people standing for what they believe in, even if the industry is only seeing these prices rise, not fall. Maybe more festivals will take notice and start offering competitive or (hopefully) lower pricing structures.