Mother Of...Lil Scrappy

Street Cred: Look, you don't want no problem with Lil Scrappy or his mama. Deborah Bryant, or Momma Dee, accompanies her son on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, but she was hustler before either of them grasped fame. A registered nurse at Grady Hospital, Dee worked double shifts to support her family before injuring herself in a car accident.

She turned to the streets, Atlanta's Cleveland Ave. to be specific, and began pimping (or would it be madam-ing?) and selling drugs. Scrappy remembers one instance when Dee crossed paths with a prostitute who left her for a rival pimp: "My mama caught her slipping in traffic and bust her across the head with a crowbar. That crowbar was stuck in her head and she was sitting there shaking." Gangsta creds verified.